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What is a Blog?


  • A blog is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. (Wikipedia)
  • Typically a blog contains text, photos, and links to other web pages.
  • Often there is a way for readers to leave comments.
  • Usually there is an RSS feed which allows readers to subscribe to the blog.  An RSS feed brings the new entries to you, rather than you having to go to look and see if there is a new entry.
  • People use blogs as an online journal to share with family and friends.
  • Todd and Abby Veldman
  • das Leben der-Lundquisten
  • The Branch Church Blog (Anne's son-in-law)
  • Matzke Musings
  • Yellowstone Trip Travel Blog
  • Blogs frequently center around a topic:  news, recipes, crafts

    Subscribing to Blogs Using an Aggregator


    So how does one keep up with new content on blogs without having to check each one each day?


    You use an aggregator (RSS feed reader).   An aggregator is a web page that keeps track when blogs that interest you are updated.


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    I use Bloglines to keep track of over a 100 blogs. I use my blogline page as my homepage when I open my web browser.  A quick scan let me know what blogs have new updates, and I can skim through the content without even going to the blog.


    Other aggregators are:  Google Reader


    Using Blogs for Professional Development


  • Classroom Displays - pictures and ideas for bulletin boards and displays
  • TAL Weblog - techology news and resources for teachers
  • Tech Savvy Educator - Ben Rimes has great ideas for using technology in the classroom
  • Smartboard Lessons Podcast - ideas on how to use the Smartboard.  Listen and learn, or look at the resource links for each episode
  • Young Readers - reviews of children's books 
  • Kid's Lit - more book reviews

    Examples of Classroom Blogs


  • Wilson's Whiskers - Kindergarten teacher that uses a blog to share classroom events
  • KinderKids - more creative ideas
  • Westwood Wonderkids - another Kindergarten blog, using lots of cool online tools to share picture slideshows
  • Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog - grades 1 and 2, such cool ideas!
  • Primary Showcase - blog used to show K - 3 projects
  • Room 9 - blog from New Zealand with 6 and 7 year olds.  Lots of interesting projects.
  • Hope Primary School- from England
  • Lewis Elementary - Principal Tim Wilson has set up their school web page as a blog. Notice that the top banner image changes each time you load the page.
  • Teacher Pages/Lewis Elementary - the teachers also use blogs, which feed into their school web page.
  • Fairrosa's Reading Journal - book reviews by a librarian

    Examples of Blogs with Student Content


  • Sixth Spot - Mrs. Hockenbrocht's experiment with blogs from 2006
  • Need to Read - Mrs. Bergsma is starting a book blog with the sixth graders
  • Mighty Writers - third grade writing blog
  • Planet 5 - students as daily reporters (not exactly a blog, but could easily be done in a blog format)
  • 5B@MAS - fifth grade writing blog
  • South Paris Collaborative Chat - fifth grade blog
  • Mrs. Vandervoet's Blog - sixth grade blog, where students comment on topics given by the teacher.  Students are writing thoughtful comments.
  • Huckleberry Audio Blog - audio books by first graders
  • Thinking Out Loud - middle school social studies blog, great examples of students leaving comments to teacher questions
  • Writing Blog Central - many examples of students using blogs to showcase their writing
  • YHS Art Blog - art assignments, student postings
  • Mrs. Horton's Advanced School of Art - a blog, photography, assignments, and a podcast rolled into one
  • Teen Reviews - book reviews by students
  • Parent/Child Book Club - interesting idea, kids read a book with a parent, and write comments together

    Blog Websites


    • Blogger
    • Edublogs
    • WordPress 
    • ePals - I have created a schoool account here, but haven't tried much with it.  It is geared for kids, no ads. This might be a good solution if you want to set up blogs for students to use.

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