Cool Online Tools

 Other Cool Online Tools


Here are some of my favorite online tools. 

note: some of these sites may be blocked at school by the filter

note:  if you are on a Mac, you may need to use Firefox to get some of these to work




Flickr: a photo sharing web page that allows you to network with other users

Karen's Flickr Homepage


Picnik -  online photo editor.  I love this and use it often. (Must use Firefox instead of Safari if on a Mac)

FotoFlexer - another cool online photo editor (it even has a feature to edit wrinkles!)

FlauntR - more online photo editing, add neat frames and more to pictures that you upload. 


Make Cool Things with Photos:





Pandora - create an online music player that matches styles of music that you like (Not of educational value, but fun to use)


Online Video


You do not have to send students to a wild open website to view videos that you find.  You can 1) download them to use in a Powerpoint, etc., 2) imbed them on a wiki (like I did here), 3) download them onto an iPod to watch or play on a TV, and 4) many other safe options!



TeacherTube - note:  I sometime find the streaming on this website is slow


File Conversion:


Zamzar - convert files from one format to another.  I use this to download videos from Youtube.

Vixy - convert online videos to download onto an iPod


Online Phone:


Skype - free download, online VOIP calling (audio and video calls using computers)


More Tools:


If you are searching for a certain kind of tool, this page is a wonderful place to search:  GO2WEB20

More resources -150 Online Video Tools