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Fun with Digital Photos

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iPhoto Book links:


Resources from Apple: tutorials and how tos



iPhoto Book video tutorial video 1


iPhoto Book video tutorial video 2


Sharing Animated iPhoto Books video



VoiceThread Links:


VoiceThread - register here for account




Civil War ABC VoiceThread - Bourque   and   Miller


Gregor the Overlander - good example using with a novel


Book and Story VoiceThread examples


Many examples on this PageFlakes page


More examples on this Wiki page


Tutorials, Resources:


Liz Davis Slideshare with directions on how to create a VoiceThread


Digitally Speaking - Voicethread resources, handouts.


Langwitches Blog - Voicethread directions


Note:  Discovery Streaming has copyright friendly images that you could download to use in a VoiceThread about a specific topic.




Animoto Links:


Animoto - register here for account (see me for SCS code)




Simple Machine Animotos - using digital pictures taken by our third graders


Spring is Here - using pictures made by our first graders in Kidpix, printed out. I took digital pictures of their drawings to make the Animoto.


Fun Faces - more KidPix pictures by first graders






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